Small Laundry Business

Make young entrepreneurs who want to start a business from minimal capital first.
Ane love feedback, why try opening ga Kilion laundry services?
If diliat from outside aja, ga laundry services may be too favorable. But make no mistake, with capital under 10m. Ente can generate income + / - 3jt per month. Want to know?? Read all of this, or check the source at penginapan dengan harga terjangkau.

The number of people within the busyness becomes a very significant barrier to sharing time what else to wash clothes is fairly labor-intensive and time. Therefore a lot of some people who were thinking (better use the services of a laundress). Actually there are some people who choose to pay for a household assistant wash their clothes.
But, let's count how many expenses we spend on our household assistant. And compare it with our use laundry services.
Minimum Fee dibilangan jakarta only for washing clothes assistants ranged between 300-400rb per month. (most were washed several strands per day).
Now try to use the service if laundry kilogram
1. Ga. wasteful electricity (electricity they use it)
2. Saving water (water use their right hehhe)

If ane usually per 1 week wash all the clothes that total about 12kg at the most (the one family).
If perkilo = 6000 + strika
6000x12 = 72,000
multiplied by 1 month only 288,000 coy

Well then, many members of the community including ane itself, rather than using the services of laundry Kilioan assistant services household to wash our clothes.

Some of the factors that makes laundry services needed

- The number of students / I, workers and even members of the household around us, who use the services, including me personally Wash Builders.

- The difficulty of dividing time work schedule was interrupted wash / learning community around us, so that Wash Builders services they desperately need.

"Loh, what we dateng home-home continues cuciin their clothes?
"No lah bro, lo wrote quite sediain place (Can private home or rental contract). Let those who came. Nah ente live love ministry wrote.

But remember, we also need the procedure we need to see. Among them:

The high demand for these services, many people perceived them
1. Student
2. Employees Factory
Two aspects of this is that we have to look to solve the problem we are trying to help them to wash wash reasons
Rent 1 Kontrakan around the region KOST, Factory. On condition, rented land must washing.

Laundry services are mushrooming kilogram ga like other businesses. But the name of competition, should be considered carefully, what strategies we use in our business.
Hmmmm, maybe ente could nawarin shuttle service (free of charge) for customers that want to use our services.
And certainly, washing results should be better than other laundry services.

Use standard working procedures suskses people. Open early, closes late
Am ready to receive incoming clothes.
And when the sun appeared, ready to wash yaaaaa, ente same kayak was going to wash his own clothes.
Consequently, Commitment, Honesty and Responsibility.
That's the key if businesses want to grow agan

With capital + / - 3 9JT agan can dapet washing machine, ironing equipment as well as clothes.
It was already Include Detergents and other fragrance.
What else he says now there Ecoball name tool, which can be used without the use of detergent wash again (searh wrote digoogle)

- Dry Washing Machine Wash 80% 3 units
- Basket clothes Box
- Iron
- Ironing board
- Plastic crackle
- Clear plastic (for packaging)
- Fragrance 1 Drigen (if play bundle overdrawn gan)
- Perfume board
- Banner
- Seals
- STT Laundry
- Brochure (to facilitate the promotion)
- Business Card (tau lahhh yaa)

Price estimates alone can ente

Well most charge a monthly fee:
- Detergents (Ecoball highly recommended to minimize expenses)
- Fragrance clothing
- Lubricants clothing
- Fragrances, clothing (Kiss Pray)
- Plastic roll
- Plastic crackle
- STT Laundry
- Gasoline operational
- Monthly rent
- Electricity
- Employee Salaries

Let's count:
With laundry services per kilogram (weigh in dry conditions) the average ranged throughout Indonesia 5000-6000/kg any part
The survey results ane, ane of the few places datengin.
They had minimal 20kg/hari can dapet.
That they just sit waiting for the customer.
Try if you are taking stance "MARKETING", how many pounds of clothing that makes a day? But, ente must be willing to shuttle to the place where the UDH ente market. Need diinget ya ..
Do not be too far-reaching market ente headquarters. A maximum of 15km lahh

With services market, earning automatic ente 20kg/hari may be increased from 30kg or 100kg per day sukur2
Not to mention Rug, Bed Cover, Pillow case, blanket, towel. Different again tuh price. More definite income for ente rise.

A day that goes 30kg/hari dirty clothes.
If 30kg multiplied by 6000 = 180,000
180,000 multiplied by 30 days = 5,400,000
Not to mention the carpet, Bed Covers, Pillow case, blanket, towel.
Continue to cut monthly expenses

Well so it is also a marketing aspect ente income support.
Dibilangan boarding, and the plant was the most good

Ane saranin, do not work alone. In addition to impossible, certainly personnel will ente strong ga hehehe.
so mending household disposable assistant services. Salary hell deh tuh ente problem. But the maximum salary of assistant 400rb/bulan wash only.
Same problem serahin washing them, in addition to let ente ga too tired, they're more of an expert in this regard.
But still, under the work rules that already ente make.

We should not be wild flowers, which bees didatengin just once kept going. We should be honeycomb, which didatengin bees and bee when it goes, certainly balk over there again.
That's what separates.
Do not just be a sweet flower just once wrote. Be hive bee, which continues to grow larger and NEVER ngurangin sweetness


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